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Knowing A Good SEO Company

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Three Ways You Will Know You Have Picked the Best SEO For Your Company

You are choosing to hire an SEO firm to help you out with the technical aspects. You are now in your second week of using them. You are probably wondering whether or not you are getting somewhere. Here are three ways to determine whether the company you handpicked is working out.

1) Is the company showing you what they are accomplishing? Are they doing audits to determine your strengths and weaknesses? You need to look at how well they deliver on their promise to you. Do they show you everything? They are most likely a good fit for your company. SEO companies that do the opposite are not a proper fit.

2) Has your site’s ranking improved at all? You are paying them to make you more visible. Your SEO company needs to be using the right keywords. They also need to be using legit methods to make you more visible. If the answer to this question is yes, then your choice is good. If your answer to this question is no, then your choice is bad. You need to be a little more proactive in your decision-making.

3) Are your sales increasing? Are you making more money for yourself and the company? Your traffic is not predicated on sales. The traffic you attract is only part of the equation. Your sales need to be increasing regardless of how many people visit your brand on a daily basis.

The company you hired needs to concentrate on conversions. Do you have more conversions than when you first started? If the answer is yes, then your choice is a proper one.

Summing It All Up

A good SEO company is not going to come and dictate the terms and then leave. They will be there to see you through the entire process. They will give you updates on where you are. They will also give you the next direction to take. They will advise you, not tell you what to do.

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