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First International Conference on Distance Education

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The Universidad del Salvador organized the First International Conference on Distance Education “Challenges, achievements and projections for Latin America” ​​between 26 and 28 September 2012 at the Teatro Santa María, Montevideo 842, Ciudad de Buenos Aires.

The overall objective of this meeting is to create a space for knowledge building and exchange of experiences on challenges, achievements and projections of various Latin American countries in the area of ​​distance education.

In the framework of the congress will be given an honorary Distance Degree from the University of Salamanca Aretio Dr. Lorenzo Garcia (UNED, Spain), who will be responsible for the inaugural conference.

The event will also feature two prominent speakers: Michael Graham, Moore, PhD, Professor of Education at Pennsylvania State University (USA), and Dr. Beatriz Fainholc USAL-CEDIPROE (Argentina).

Thematic proposals
1. Types of institutions and distance education programs in Latin America compared to new models of development. Local, regional, national and international.

2. Models, technology and reality. Theoretical models and epistemological framework of educational technology for distance education in Latin America. ICT-mediated educational resources in the different educational levels. Technological resources and management arrangements in education and training. What technology do we need?: Cost, quality and relevance.

3. Voltage-contextualizing globalization. Appropriate and inclusive models. Equity: the problems of access and exclusion in the expansion stage technology. Democratization of education ¿?

4. Broad public policies in distance education. Driving forces and restrictions of distance education in the countries of the region. Accreditation processes. Quality standards and evaluation systems.

5. EAD social image in Latin America: from “Cinderella” to “Education for the Future”?

6. Virtual communities and new scenarios for the EAD: web 2.0 applications, augmented reality, learning technologies and knowledge (TAC).

7. Networks of national and international cooperation: partnerships, programs, projects subsidized.

Registration Modes
Those interested can choose 2 ways to register for the Congress:

1. As exhibitors:
By sending a communication to address some of the central themes proposed above. The papers presented will be selected by the Academic Committee and must comply with the proposed theme of the Congress.

2. As participants:
Those interested in jobs that do not show Congress may choose to register as participants.

Presentation of work
Presentation summary: from 1 November 2011 through March 16, 2012.

The Academic Committee will confirm acceptance of abstracts from 19 until March 30, 2012, in terms of relevance, quality and curriculum of the exhibitor.

Submission of full paper: from 1 April to 15 June 2012.

Confirmation of final acceptance: from 15 June to 15 July 2012.

Selected papers will be published after the Congress, in the electronic journal Virtual Signs.

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