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Fence Posts – Getting The Longest Lasting Option

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An essential part of any free-standing fence is the fence posts it is attached to. Without these posts, a fence will do nothing but fall to the ground. Fences themselves are popular because they provide privacy, safety, and the ability to separate one piece of property from another.

There are a few options for fencing posts to be made from. Metal posts are very popular and are durable. Usually those that are constructed from metal are either made from aluminum, steel or iron. Iron has been a favorite for posts through out the ages, but since the nineteen seventies iron varieties have been largely replaced by the cheaper aluminum.

Wood is another favorite material, and they have been around for centuries. Today there are PVC options available, which have become very popular in the last few years because they require no maintenance, do not rot or rust and are just as strong as those made of metal or wood.

Fence posts usually require maintenance to be sure that they remain stable. Wooden ones will have to be painted yearly and checked for any rot and replaced if they begin to rot, typically wooden post styles are manufactured out of pressure treated wood which is supposed to be more resilient to the weather but it does not necessarily work out that way. Those that are made of any sort of metal should be taken care of as well, at least once per year.

PVC is the most modern option, and in some cases it can even be twice the cost of wooden posts. That said, they are the most sturdy and do not require anywhere near the amount of maintenance that other materials do. The higher price is most often completely offset by the length of time that the PVC posts will last and the fact that there is zero maintenance involved in caring for the PVC post styles.

If you are looking to save some money in your fence-building endeavor, then wood may be the option for you. The costs of metal varies, depending on how ornate they are and what material they are fashioned from.

Most people pay the panels of a fence more attention than the fence stands, but they are just a big of a part of the look and overall durability of the fence as the panels.

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